In this blog, we examine the importance of the Circle of Zero Trust and what makes the CyberCyte platform unique in helping enterprises protect their digital assets. We also introduce you to the CyberCyte leadership team and how they have formed partnerships with Managed Security Service Providers so that organisations can easily tap into a comprehensive cybersecurity solution that requires no internal resources for implementation and support and can be deployed in minutes.

Agentless Threat Detection and Contextually-Driven Access Control Delivered Through an Integrated Security Platform

When it comes to cybersecurity, here at CyberCyte we believe it’s all about building the Circle of Zero Trust; a circle that allows you to know that access to both the Internet and the internal network by your end-users via their endpoint devices and apps are doing so in a secure, legitimate manner. The Circle of Zero Trust tops all that off by giving you complete visibility into what’s taking place across your network infrastructure, so you don’t have to rely on trust – you can visually confirm that this is true.
Our concept of the Circle of Zero Trust first emerged in 2004, when CyberCyte’s founder, Necati Ertugrul, launched a cyber security company intending to develop an integrated platform for enterprises to manage their cyber security infrastructure centrally. While built to scale to the largest of enterprises, by also partnering with a select network of Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), our solutions enable customers of any size to create a cybersecurity framework that integrates these trusted components:

  • Identity Assurance—makes sure end users are who they claim to be, through physical biometric authentication.
  • Secure Internet Access—ensures only legitimate end users with the proper credentials are allowed through.
  • Device Management—checks for endpoints that don’t conform to security policies and denies them network access.

Additionally, we are the first and only company to provide a built-in, agentless security solution that integrates physical, network, and perimeter security in a single framework. Our unified platform enables businesses to leverage a solution that automatically manages their security posture and proactively discover cyber threats before they impact the IT infrastructure.

The CyberCyte Difference

The CyberCyte platform of security solutions is unique in that it offers agent-less cyber threat analysis and discovery—no components are required to run on customer networks and endpoints. The integrated platform provides complete visibility into threats and automatically delivers comprehensive security capabilities:

  • Threat Discovery—DNS threat analytics integrated with network threat scanning discover malicious activity before impact occurs.
  • Biometrics and Network Access Control—identity assurance and physical access tracking enable customers to recognize identity thefts and block access automatically.
  • 100% Visibility and Zero Trust—every connected device is scanned for threats, and access is blocked if non-compliance is detected.
  • Compliance Facilitation—Continuous threat discovery and identity management enable easier fulfillment of compliance targets.

With these capabilities, CyberCyte enables businesses to defend against threats including targeted and mass-scale phishing and malware attacks while giving the security operations team the ability to discover all assets accessing their networks – both legitimately and nefariously. And, with the solution running in the cloud supported by CyberCyte’s trusted managed security services partners, customers do not require any internal implementation and support resources. The technology deploys within minutes and begins to immediately protect the organization.