Protect your organisation from Internet based threats and malicious content. CloudCyte’s machine learning based classification engine enables secure access even when users are roaming.
  10 Minute Classification

GuaranteeCloudCyte machine learning based technology enables the classification of unknown traffic in minutes.

  DNS Firewall Service

DNSCyte Firewall provides reliable protection against DNS Query based attacks.

  DNS Tunneling Discovery

Challenge of discovering DNS tunneling is now easy with CloudCyte technology.

  Malicious Software Detection

Protects your network against threats such as Ransomware, Malware, Phishing, and Botnets and stops malware before it reaches the end users or their network.

  Whitelisting/Positive Security Model

Only permit the traffic classified enabling a strong protection from zero day attacks.

Analysis of Intensive DNS Debug Logs

Identify the source of malicious traffic by enabling the automatic analysis of internal DNS servers.


  Cloud Based Realtime Reporting

Get real-time visibility and centralized reporting without any on-premise component.

  Metadata Analysis

Advanced metadata analyses by extracting domain and matched keywords from e-mail header and body.

  GDPR Compliance

Complete GDPR compliance by supporting only metadata reporting.

Delete Malicious E-mails

Automatic deletion of e-mails flagged as malicious.

  Built-in Templates

E-mail phishing attack simulations and training campaigns educate your work force.

CloudCyte is a zero-trust security platform for protecting on-premise and remote users 24/7.
Integrated platform with an unprecedented level of simplicity, scalability, and threat discovery.
Complete protection by securing Internet and e-mail activity for the end-user.
Simple deployment with no maintenance overhead.
Better interaction with the end-users for increased awareness.
CloudCyte provides free phishing attack simulator up-to 250 users and free trial of all features for thirty days.
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