CloudCyte is a zero-trust security platform for protecting on-premise and remote users 24/7
CloudCyte is designed to provide 360° Security for organizations whether they are a large-scale enterprise or an SMB. The designed architecture enables organizations and MSSP’s to deploy the solution in their premise or on any cloud platform in minutes.
DNS Security
CloudCyte provides a secure DNS Service based on global cyber threat intelligence and machine learning to block threats and targeted attacks in real-time. Through DNSCyte, any unclassified traffic from end-users, servers and IoT devices is automatically blocked to prevent attacks attempting data exfiltration.
E-mail Security
CloudCyte E-mail Security is a GDPR compliant e-mail phishing detection and inbox security solution. The system enables organizations to identify and delete malicious e-mails bypassing the security controls.

Core Strengths

Three-Stage self deployment system for enhanced user experience.

Single platform for endpoint and e-mail security covering both personal and business devices.

Complete data privacy.

Ability to perform gap analysis for the existing security infrastructure to address the compliance requirements.

Three-Step Enrollment in Minutes for Your Customers

After creating an account, provide your logo and contact details to the CloudCyte team. CloudCyte will provide a reference code to be used by your customers during the enrollment.

Communicate the new services to your customers through an e-mail.

Track and bill your customers as they enroll. Either you or the CloudCyte team can execute billing.

CloudCyte for MSSP’s

White-labelling support for all components to enable better MSSP brand visibility.

Deployment on any Kubernetes supporting cloud platform including Amazon WS, Microsoft Azure and Google.

Ability to enroll and initiate customers in minutes.

Full support for self-management and customer tracking.

Enable self-deployment for zero maintenance overhead.

CloudCyte Distinctive Features for MSSP’s

  • Complete User & Data Privacy
    Data related to the end-user is stored in the MSSP, including the user requests to the Internet if requested. No information is shared with CyberCyte except the total number of active users.
  • 360° Security for End-Users
    Secure all communication for e-mail and Internet access, coupled with tools to increase end-user awareness.
  • Disruptive Business Model
    A revenue sharing agreement can be executed between the MSSP and CyberCyte with no upfront investment. More than 500000 users can be enrolled on a 2 CPU Intel Server.

CloudCyte Platform Approach

A plug-and-play, multitenant
architecture to enable a service-oriented framework.

New services will be seamlessly added to the platform.

Customers will start to utilise the new services without additional complex deployment requirements.

Machine Learning based user behaviour analytics platform will enable automated actions to block threats.

How Are Major Challenges Addressed?

Phishing e-mails
DefCyte guides end-users to identify malicious e-mails.
Increases end-user awareness and productivity.
Solution deployed in minutes.
Infected end-points
DNSCyte identifies and blocks and malicious traffic from the endpoints.
Enables discovery of zero-day attacks and data-exfiltration.
No end-user component is required enabling simple deployment.
Enable Zero-Trust
NetCyte tracks the activity of users on-premise or remote.
Enforce 2FA if device is unknown. Discover malicious network activity.
Multiple methods to enable automated blocking.

Use Cases

CloudCyte Use Case
An endpoint is infected with ransomware or similar malicious software.
An endpoint is infected with ransomware or CloudCyte blocks the malicious traffic and notifies the IT security team.
A malicious software exfiltrates corporate data.
CloudCyte blocks any traffic which is not categorised.
A phishing e-mail bypasses all security controls.
CloudCyte provides automatic notifications and enables end-users to analyze and report risky e-mails.
The organisation is looking for a platform to train its users for cyber threats.
CloudCyte enables the execution of training campaigns.
An identified phishing e-mail must be deleted from all user mailboxes.
CloudCyte can centrally delete an identified e-mail from all user mailboxes.
Enable on-premise and remote users to browse the Internet securely.
CloudCyte enables controlled Internet access based on defined categories.
Users are using their personal devices to access corporate resources.
CloudCyte can notify and blocks access if personal devices are used for accessing corporate data.
CloudCyte is a zero-trust security platform for protecting on-premise and remote users 24/7.
Integrated platform with an unprecedented level of simplicity, scalability, and threat discovery.
Complete protection by securing Internet and e-mail activity for the end-user.
Simple deployment with no maintenance overhead.
Better interaction with the end-users for increased awareness.
CloudCyte provides free phishing attack simulator up-to 250 users and free trial of all features for thirty days.
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