Compliance and 100% Visibility

The usage of remote access software coupled with the mobility and geographical diversity of employees is now creating new risks which are likely to be exploited by the attackers. Our employees are more likely to become victims for attacks as the perimeter security solutions are not in place to provide secure access.

Stronger Security for Any VPN

By utilising an integrated DNS Security and Network Access Control framework all remote VPN connections can be audited and malicious traffic can be blocked without requiring agents.

The users can be notified for any threats they are facing. Agent-less operation enables the deployment of the solution in minutes without impacting the current remote access framework.

Stronger Security for the Network

NetCyte creates a holistic view of IT infrastructure by enabling 100% accurate discovery, classification and profiling of any device.

NetCyte reduces the attack surface and minimises the impact of cyber threats originating from devices in the corporate networks without requiring agents and administrative rights.